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by - November 20, 2015

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Today's post is ALL about false lashes.
Many ladies on Instagram ask me through comments or DMs what eyelashes they should get. Obviously, Im not a makeup artist and I don't know what would suit them without seeing them.
I found that not all styles of lashes that I receive suit my taste or eye shape. Therefore, I decided to write this post to feature a large number of lashes and tell you more about them. Some I have worn, some are still brand new, and other I have backups of.
I will tell you which style suits which eye shape(s), and which you can use to achieve a certain look.

Most of the lashes shown below are made of mink hair as it is what I prefer when it comes to lashes, but some are made of faux mink hair, human hair or synthetic hair.

The eye shapes I will try to cover in this post are:

1. Almond - Flattering styles are short on the inside, long on the outside (winged).
 2. Round - Round lashes that are the longest in the middle accentuate this eye shape. If you want to make your eyes less round, go for winged lashes.
3. Up-turned - Avoid heavily winged lashes as they will pull the eye up more. Pair with a winged liner that is flatter on the outer edge, rather than drawing it going to the brows.
4. Down-turned - Opposite to up-turned.  Focus on lashes that are winged out, but not heavy on the outer corner. You can get away with wearing lashes with long outer corners, but make sure they are not very voluminous as this can pull the eye.
5. Hooded - You can wear both lashes for a winged look, or a round look. However, the length of the lashes depends on the area between your crease and brow, and whether you want to cover it or just volume. 
6. Small - Short and medium length lashes are the best for this eye shape. To open up the eye you can wear lashes that are the longest in the middle, but make sure that they are not too long.
7. Close-set - Wear lashes that are winged, to draw attention away from the inner corner and the small gap between the eyes. 
8. Wide-set - You can get away with wearing almost any style, but try to stay away from heavily winged lashes. Full lashes are perfect for this eye shape. 
These are obviously not all eye shapes, but I tried to cover the majority.
When it comes to lashes, look at your eyes and find what you want to accentuate first and then pick the lashes that suit you. 
Below I will list some of my favourite styles that I think will suit so many different eye shapes. I will also group them by looks. 

Very natural. Gives volume. Could be used on small eyes.
Fluffy and natural. Gives volume, length and winged out look. 
Very light and natural.

Full / Round
Perfect for small eyes, as well as hooded eyes with small brow bone space.
Gives a full look that is slightly winged out.
Gives a very round look. Could be classified as "dramatic" too. 
Gives length and a little extra volume. Very light.

Flirty / Natural
Gives a full wispy look. 
Gives a very natural wispy look.
Gives a natural wispy look. Very similar to the previous style.
Very light and girly. Makes a natural look a little bit extra special.
Very wispy, girly and natural. Gives a flirty look.
Very light and natural. Gives a flirty look that is winged out. Perfect for mornings.
Edgy (mostly not natural)
Very dramatic. Perfect for round eyes, as well as eyes with large lid space.

Gives a gorgeous winged out, edgy look. Doesn't require winged liner.

Gives a full, winged out, edge look.

Very light and natural with an edgy twist.
Gives an edgy dramatic look. Perfect with winged liner.

Gives a dramatic winged out look, very heavy on the out corner. Not suitable for down-turned eyes.

Perfect to get a round shaped eyes, with large lid space or large brow bone space. Gives a full look.
I hope you learned something useful from this post.

Let me know which style is your favourite.. Im obsessed with a few myself, like:
Forget Me Not - Lash Dubai
Dalal - Pinky Goat
Fearless - Bloom
Soho - Glossy Makeup
Alya - Lash Dubai
3wash - Brg3 Lashes

Thank you for reading! 

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