Lime Crime Swatches + First Impression | True Love Set + Comparison

by - March 09, 2016

Good morning / afternoon / evening 
I hope you are all doing well, especially given the weather conditions in the UAE these past few days...

Today's post is a quick one for those who requested swatches for my most recent purchase. 
I am hoping I would be able to post quick posts like this more often now.

Anyway, the swatches are on the new Lime Crime True Love set, along with side-by-side comparison for the other velvetine shades I own.

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DISCLAIMER: Please read more about the Limecrime scandal before you decide to order from the brand. I ordered the lipsticks from an Instagram re-seller because I liked the shades.

The set that I bought includes 3 shades; a soft bright pink, a vibrant coral-ish pinky red and a deep cranberry - All gorgeous in my opinion.
The shades shown below, from tom to bottom are: Cupid - True Love - Saint.

I own a VERY old Lime Crime velvetine { Red Velvet } from when they only had 4-5 shades, and which has the best formula in my opinion, so I use it to compare with other shades. 
I also own some of the newer shades Cashmere and Riot.

Here is a comparison { Compared to Red Velvet }:
♥ Cashmere and Riot have a similar scent and packaging to the Red Velvet.
♥ However, the formula is not the best. They feel dry, and they flake off easily. Not very long lasting. 

♥ The True Love set velvetines have a different applicator than the other lipsticks I have mentioned. It is slightly bigger, very similar to other brands. Velvetines' applicators are usually short and thick, which I love... I apologize for not getting a clear picture comparison.
♥ The True Love set have better color payoff than Cashmere and Riot. They are also more long lasting and don't flake off when I start eating. They just fade nicely.

Thats it for my comparison... 
Enjoy the swatches!
Keep in mind that the swatches are not edited - They are taken under direct sunlight.

Thank you for reading 

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