Review and Experience: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation - STICK

by - March 29, 2016

Hello, gorgeous! 

I hope you are all doing well... 
I am finally posting my long awaited review on the MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD foundation STICK.
The second I heard about the release of the Ultra HD foundations, and that the stick gives more of a dewy finish, I knew I had to get it. Soo, I picked it out as part of my birthday present from my family on the 28th of November (my birthdate).
I then got sent two shades, one for highlighting and another for contouring, from Makeup Forever Middle East team. 
I took my time with this review because I wanted it to be a real and honest one. I did not want to rush it. I tested it out through different weather conditions and on different occasions. 
Before I start the review, I have to mention that I wanted to love the foundation because I looks GREAT on the skin! However, my review is not at all biased as I will list everything positive and negative I noticed about the foundation.

I will start the review by telling you more about my skin type and what I like in foundations.

About my skin: 

I have combination skin. It is super oily around the T zone (more so during summer than winter), and it is also dry and sensitive around my cheeks and jaw. I get dry or flaky skin around my spots if my skin breaks out, and so I look for products that will not accentuate my dryness and flakiness but will give me a natural finish that doesn't look too matte or too oily. 

What I like in foundations:

  • I love dewy or natural foundations more than matte ones. However, during the hot months of summer, I only wear matte foundations as they turn "glowy" with time any way.
  • I don't mind my face getting shiny (as in glowy, NOT greasy), as long as it doesn't look greasy and the foundation doesn't slip off my face. 
  • I want my foundation to look and feel like skin. I don't want to look cakey or to accentuate any bumps or dryness that I have at the time. 

My shade + first impression on the foundation:

  • The shade I got matched to at Sephora and bought myself is 123 = Y365, and it matches me perfectly. The shades I got sent are 117 = Y225 (highlight shade) and 177 = Y505 (contour shade).
  • While the foundation is marketed as the satin/dewy version of the Ultra HD foundation, which is aimed towards all skin types including dry skin, I noticed that the foundation does accentuate dryness on the skin. Therefore, whether you have dry or combination skin, you have to moisturize your face really well. Otherwise, the foundation will cling to your dry patches.
  • I also noticed that if you have bumps or large pores, you have to use your favourite primer(s) to minimize their appearance, as the foundation is glowy and can make imperfections more prominent. I personally did not set the foundation with power (even though my skin is combination - I will explain why in the next point) so maybe using powder will help too.
  • I found that I don't have to set my whole face with power after the foundation as the foundation sets on the face. Unlike other foundations I have tried, this foundation does not remain tacky or wet, but it dries down. I love this about it because I hate the feeling of wet makeup on my face. Therefore, during the winter months, I can get away with not powering my face, but it depends on your preference.
  • Even when I don't have clear skin (few typical breakouts), I found that the foundation looks beautiful! Close up, it does accentuate major problem areas if there are any, but looking at it through a mirror, it looks amazing! - Like the skin is flawless or airbrushed.

With that being said, I do believe that if you have clear skin with a few imperfections, this foundation would look gorgeous! It has great medium-full coverage and great blendability.

Other drawback(s):

I have already mentioned that I wanted to love the foundation, and that it looks amazing on skin. Therefore, you might wonder why it took me so long to write my full review.

This is because on two separate "testing periods" that I wore the foundation multiple times throughout the week, it broke me out! I freaked out and thought it was something from my skin care routine, so I tried to eliminate products to see which one, but I was wrong.
It was indeed the foundation that broke me out. I got small red bumpy spots around my cheeks and forehead, and I normally don't break out on the cheeks. The spots were weird and I have never seen them before.
Therefore, I had to ask some fellow bloggers if they have had the same experience. Some said yes, and others said that the foundation is so thick that it needs deep cleansing afterwards. So I took their advice. 


The final chance that I gave to the foundation, it impressed me again. I wore it 6/7 days of the week and I loved it. What did I do? I took cleansing the skin more seriously.
I have to admit that due to my laziness on the previous "tests", I did not clean my skin well after it as I usually came back home late and tired.
I do own a Clarisonic, which I use almost every night, but I stopped when I was initially testing the foundation. So, on the final test I started using it again and I did not notice any breakouts. In fact, my skin is in a very good condition as I am writing this. 
I also started using the Tea Tree Water toner from Lush, which I think helps too.

The final points I want to mention are about the application and wear time. 


To me, the foundation worked well with both a Beauty Blender and a flat- or angled- top kabuki brush. You can either buff it or tap it in, both worked well for me. For the final test, I enjoyed applying it with the 103/ Defined Buffer brush from Zoeva, shown in the picture above.
I recommend not applying to much right away, 1 swipe on each of the forehead, chin, nose and cheeks will do for a first layer. Add more if you feel like you need more coverage.

Lasting power:

On me, the foundation gets shiny (which I already mentioned Im fine with) after an hour or two, but the foundation stays on and the coverage lasts for up to 5-7 hours, if not more. However, it is not transfer proof, and can get on clothes. Again, this is my experience, and it can vary from one person to another.

To sum up... 
I personally love the foundation. It looks amazing, both in pictures and in real life, but only if you take care of your skin. Skin should be prepared for foundation application to get the best result, and it should also be cleansed well afterwards.
I would not recommend it for those who don't like dewy foundations, or those who are not ready to do the extra steps of prepping, priming and deep cleansing.

I hope you found this review helpful. 
Thank you for reading. 

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