Review & Impression: MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection | Spring 2016

by - May 18, 2016

Hello, gorgeous! 

Last month, MAC cosmetics launched a limited edition collection called "Flamingo Park" and I was lucky enough to receive some products from the collection. 
Today, I am writing my impression and review on the products. I was planning on posting this weeks ago so that you can get a change to read it before deciding on whether to buy the products or not. However, my work got in the way.

The products I received are: 
   Sunny Surprise | Beauty powder
 What I Fancy | Blush | Finish: Satin
 Such Sweeties | Cremesheen glass
 Be Silly | Lipstick | Finish: Matte
   Bird's Eye View | Eyeshadow | Finish: Satin
 Flock & Roll | Eyeshadow | Finish: Matte

As you can see from the images above, the collection is all about pinks. 


In all honesty, I find the eyeshadows impractical, or at least not for daily use. I think they are more targeted towards makeup artists or those of us who enjoy wearing such bright colors on their eyes any day any time.

With that being said, I think I can get away with using the bright pink eyeshadow (called Bird's Eye View) in the crease mixed with a warm orange or a transition shade. If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I already like wearing warm shadows and orange shades in the crease; I tried mixing in the pink and it looks pretty and different.
I find that the eyeshadows in this collection are more for artistic or fun looks; girls who like to wear basic shades only would find no use out of them.
Also, I have to say, the shadows are very pigmented and bendable. The brighter shadow, though, is more pigmented than the lighter one (Flock & Roll), obviously. 

As for the lipstick, I personally do not like the shade. It looked more of a coral red in the tube and thats why I decided to try it. However, on the lips, it is a very bright magenta pink which personally, I am not a fan of. I just don't like any shade of pink as most shades don't suit me. Im very picky when it comes to pinks, but I am sure it would suit others.

The blush, beauty powder and gloss, however, I am in love with them!!!!

In the pan, the blush looks very bright, right? But on the cheeks, it turns into that beautiful subtle flushed shade of pink. It has good pigmentation for a blush, and it is very blendable. It is probably my favourite out of the collection. 

Same goes with the beauty powder. In the pan, it looks like a basic powder, but on the cheeks, it gives a very nice sheen and natural glow. 
If you are not familiar with beauty powders, they are powders that can be used as blush, bronzer, highlight or even a setting powder all over the face, depending on the shade of the powder and your skin tone. For the specific powder in this collection, I though it would look best as a highlighter or a blush topper for me. It is a nice mix between a bronzy and peachy shade. It gives a nice sheen to the skin, but it is not glittery at all. It is barely noticeable and is great for daytime use for those who don't like intense highlighters. 

Finally, the lipgloss also known as the cremesheen glass. The one I received is in this nice cool/blue toned pink. As opposed to the lipstick, this shade and formula of pink I can get away with wearing. The gloss is very smooth on the lips, and is not sticky at all. In fact, I love it for daytime as well as night time as I find it very moisturising. If you do not like this pale shade of pink, the gloss works well on top of lipsticks or lipliners, so it is very versatile.

Thats all I have to say on the products.
I love the shades of pink, but some shades don't suit me so for now they serve as eye candy, haha.

Thank you so much to the MAC cosmetics Dubai team for sending this generous package!

Thank you for reading xx

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