Fashion: Gem Luxury Boutique - Abu Dhabi

by - July 17, 2016

Hello, gorgeous!

A few days  weeks ago I was invited to view the new collection of the designer Sumaya Abdulrazak here in Abu Dhabi at the Gem Luxury Boutique. 
Sumaya is an Emirati designer, and the boutique is located on the first floor of Fotouh Al Khair in Abu Dhabi.

While I was looking through all of the outfits in the boutique, I took pictures to share with you and I ended up with over 200 photos. However, I narrowed the list down and only included what I personally liked. 
EDIT: Unfortunately, I had to remove many of the beautiful pictures I have taken. 
After taking the pictures, editing them, and posting them on here, I was informed that the pictures I have taken were of the "wrong" designer(s). Due to initial miscommunication, I was not informed that the boutique actually displays pieces by several designers. 
Since I did not get an approval by the other designers to show their work, I decided to take down the posts. However, because I spent time taking and editing the pictures, I decided to remove the pictures and just share a few.
Some of the dresses shown below are actually by Sumaya Abdulrazak, which Im glad I captured beautifully.
Enjoy the photos!

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