Mini Collective Haul & First Impressions: New Makeup

by - June 05, 2016

Hello, gorgeous!
 Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslim readers. 

     For the past few weeks, I've been trying to use up the makeup I own instead of buying products I don't need. However, I've accumulated a few exciting products that I actually want to try or use. Most products I've purchased myself, with the exception of the the first two Im going to talk about. This is both a haul and a first impressions post on the products, as most of them I've never tried before.

Now onto the haul...

Clarins | Mascara supra volume

     I received this mascara in a PR package from Clarins around 4 weeks ago and I've been using it since. It is one of their newest mascaras which claims to give your natural lashes 17.6% more volume in just 4 weeks. 
     While I don't see any major change in my natural lashes, I do like this mascara. It has a wet formula which Im not always a fan of, but this applies nicely and looks so natural on the lashes and is great for daily use. I like to apply it from the roots of the lashes to the tips, instead of sideways. It adds perfect length to the lashes. I don't like applying it by brushing it sideways because it can clump the lashes or give me spidery lashes which I hate, so just brushing from roots to tips is the perfect way to apply it for me.

Makeup Forever | Aqua XL eye pencils
Shades, from top to bottom: M-16 - M-26 - M-10
Shades, from top to bottom: M-40 - M-30 - M-60
      These eyeliners were also sent to me in a PR package by Makeup Forever. As you can see I've selected 3 of the 6 shades to try first. I have to say, the liners' formula is amazing, which is usual for Makeup Forever. The liners are sooo creamy but then set into a waterproof matte finish. 
Here are some points that I noticed when using them...
     When applying dark shades to the top waterline only, as usual, I have to give it time to set so that it doesn't transfer to the lower waterline. Also, when applying the lighter pastel shades to the waterline like the yellow shade (M-40), I found that I have to apply multiple layers for the color to show up just as it would when swatching it. With that being said, the liners I've tried last for a while and don't budge.

Benefit Cosmetics | Matte Rescue

     This is one of the newer products from Benefit Cosmetics. It is an addition to the cult favourite primer the Porefessional. I honestly don't think the original Porefessional primer is anything special; I have a few samples and I don't think it does anything special to my makeup so I never actually bought the full size. 
     This version however, the matte rescue, I was very excited about. Unlike the original version which has silicone consistency, this has a nice gel consistency which I believe would suit those with oily or combination skin. I got it because I thought it would be useful as I love dewy makeup but have an oily T-zone. 
     Unfortunately, I still can't write my opinion on it as I haven't used it enough times to. Im currently using prescription creams to help with my skin texture, and they are causing my skin to be dry and flaky all the time. I will update you on this soon on my Instagram.

I got this from Sephora but I don't remember the price.

Anastasia | Liquid lipsticks
Shades: Dusty Rose (left) and Crush (right)     
     I've wanted to try the Anastasia liquid lipsticks for a really long time but never found the perfect nude to start with. Anastasia recently came out with a new collection of all nude lipsticks and I knew I had to get one of them. I picked one of the darkest nude according to the swatches on Google, because the majority seemed to be very light on medium skin. The shades I got is Crush; it is slightly too light for my natural lip color (which is a bit dark) but looks great paired with a darker nude lipliner. The famous shade Dusty Rose was also restocked so I ordered it as well. 

     Ok, so I have to say I was impressed with the formula of the lipsticks. They have a thick whipped texture which goes on smoothly on the lips. Ignoring the fact that Crush is a bit light for my sort of dark lips, the lipsticks have a high coverage formula. What I was disappointed with is the lasting power. Even without eating, the lipsticks faded within 2-3 hours.

Laura Mercier | Shimmer Bloc

Shade: Peach Mosaic
     I've always wanted to try something from Laura Mercier because I think their products look beautiful. I decided to start with a highlighter and a lipliner because thats what Im into right now. 
     I swatched the shimmer bloc shades they had on display at Tryano (Yas Mall Abu Dhabi) and decided to go with the peach shade, which by the way, is nowhere near "peach". 
     The 4 shades in the bloc are beautiful and can work as a highlighter, blush topper or even eyeshadow depending on your skin tone or shade you decide to go to. The powders are not the creamest (comparing them to the Becca highlighters), but they are by no means dry or chunky. They are just beautiful and don't have any large glitters which is perfect for me. 

I got this from Tryano - Yas Mall - Abu Dhabi for AED 190.

Laura Mercier | Lipliner

Shade: Hazelnut Tea

     Out of all the nudes I swatched in-store, this is the one that caught my eye as it is nothing like the ones I already have. It is a slightly light brown nude, with no hints of pink or plum in it. I can't describe the shade more but its just beautiful. 

     The texture of the liner is also unique. Its not too creamy but also not dry; it has more of a waxy consistency. It goes on smoothly on the lips but does tug a little bit. Once its on the lips, it stays there, so if you like to rub your lips together after applying the lipliner, you won't be able to with this unless you apply a lip balm before or after it. I personally like to apply all my lip products over some shea butter just to keep my lips looking and feeling hydrated.

     You see the oversized box of the pencil? For 3 days after getting it I kept asking myself why is it so excessively large? I almost threw the box away but then I realized that it comes with a pencil sharpener for the lipliner. 

I got this from Tryano as well for AED 104. 
Note: Comes with a sharpener.

Laura Mercier | Tinted moisturizer SPF 20
Shade: Nude
     The lady helping me in Tryano was kind enough to give me a couple of samples, but the one I was most excited for is the tinted moisturizer. The size of the sample is great; it contains 30 mL of product which is more than half the full size.

     I've always wanted to try this so when I got it I immediately started using it. The shade I got (Nude) is slightly light for me but is the right undertone. However, it looks like a perfect match when I blend it in. The tinted moisturizer has light coverage and a natural finish. It feels so light on the skin, and is great for those who just want to cover redness. I wouldn't recommend this for those who have too much to cover. What I love about it is that it doesn't emphasise the dryness and flakiness of my skin at the moment.

The Body Shop | Camomile cleansing oil

     This is the only repurchase in this haul. I've had for a while before but didn't know how to use it correctly. By the time I learned how to use it, I was half way through the product. Anyway, I decided to buy it again because its such an easy way to remove makeup. I use 1-2 pumps of the oil to massage over my dry face, then I gradually add water and the oil turns into a milky or watery consistency. I then wipe all the makeup off with a cotton pad or a damp face towel (I usually use the Makeup Eraser), and then wash my face again to get the product all off.
     Whats great about this is that it doesn't leave an oily residue on my skin; it removes makeup and cleanses it at the same time. However, if Im using it at night, I always go with a face cleanser after it. Its also great for waterproof makeup but it requires more time massaging. 

Thats all for this haul. 
Thank you for reading! 

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