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by - April 16, 2018

Hello, gorgeous! 

It’s been… months… since I last posted on here and I miss it so much, but let’s get straight into today’s post.
A few minutes before writing this, I shared a poll on my Instagarm stories asking my followers if they wanted to see a review on Glossier products I own, and I’ve been amazed to see that so far, 100% of the votes are yes! That is enough motivation to finally type out the post for the photos I took before using most of the products. 

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Although I don’t see many bloggers or people in the region talking about Glossier products, I have been obsessing over the brand for so long. I like the concept and branding as I like minimal everyday makeup and the healthy glow skin look. I finally bit the bullet and decided to order some products around the same time offered to send me a few products.

I started with their makeup products as that is what I love the most from their line, but I would LOVE to try out some skincare next!

Before starting my review on each of the products, I thought it would be beneficial for the reader to mention my preferences and skin concerns.

I have combination skin – very oily around the T-zone, but at the same time, can be dry or flaky elsewhere. I like fresh, light and dewy makeup for daily use, but also love full glam for special occasions. I always powder due to my combination skin type, but don’t mind if I look a bit shiny as long as my skin doesn’t feel greasy. For lips, I also love the sheer lip unless I am going to a wedding or a party. My lip balm is my best friend.
Now let’s start with the reviews. 

Initially, I wanted to try their Skin Tint. However, even though I like light coverage, I thought that might be a little too light for me in terms of coverage, so I decided to go with the concealer. I picked the Glossier Phase 2 set to get more for my money. In general, Glossier items in sets cost a few dollars less that if bought separately so I tried to take advantage of that.

At the moment, their concealer along with the skin tint come in 5 shades only, but I’m hoping to see more shades soon. At first, I picked shade ‘Dark’ which is the third shades in their range, but was disappointed what I tried it one and it looked orange against my bare skin. Blended in, it is wearable, especially during summer or when I use darker foundations, but I still wanted to try a lighter shade to see how that works. I then bought the shade ‘Medium’ which is a better match but still looks a pinch light. I am guessing I am in-between shades, but can get away with using both.
What I love about this concealer is that a little goes a long way, hence the name ‘stretch’ concealer.  I would say the coverage is light but not too sheer, and it works well both under the eye and on blemishes. It can also be used instead of foundation as it is very easy to spread around the skin. 

One thing about this concealer that I know many would not like is the fact that it is very dewy and does not set. It looks a lot like second skin, but can also look wet or greasy on those with oily skin or are not used to this look (if not set with powder). Hence, I ALWAYS set it with powder immediately as it can move around easily. It also creases under my eye just around the natural crease of my eyes, so I would not recommend those who have many under eye lines to use it on that area.

I have noticed that many, if not all, of those who use Glossier makeup on a regular basis blend the products with their hands. I personally try to avoid using my hands with color products and so I use brushes with synthetic hair and found that works really well for me. For the concealer, I usually use any round concealer kabuki brush to apply and blend it.

To sum up, I like the texture and look of this concealer. I will continue to use both shades I own (while I continue to pray that Glossier comes out with more in-between shades), but I will only be using it for my everyday/fresh/minimal makeup looks, not for special occasions.

This has to be my top favorite Glossier makeup product I own thus far. At the moment, the cloud paint comes in 4 equally pretty shades; I have been sent two and purchased two and so I own all 4 shades.

These blushes come in a runny cream, almost liquid, form. They are very pigmented so a little goes a long way and they last on me for hours. While they are pigmented, they are also very easy to blend into a natural look if you apply too much of it at once. What I love the most about the cloud paints is that you can come up with so many color combinations by mixing the shades together.

I have seen many apply the blushes with their fingers, but my favorite way to apply them is by using a small duo fiber cheek brush from Zoeva called 122 Petit Stippling. I don’t like using a damp sponge with these as I don’t use too much product and the sponge can absorb some of the color. Like the concealer and highlighter I am going to talk about next, I find that the cloud paints don’t set or dry down and so I always make sure I powder over them with a translucent powder if I want a more lasting or matte look.

Shade shown: Quartz
Now one of the products I was genuinely interested in trying but found myself not reaching for often is their haloscope cream highlighter. I still like the concept, and still enjoy using it when I do, but for me, it is not the most practical of products as is any stick highlighter in my collection. 

At the moment, the haloscope comes in 3 shades. I bought the shade Moonstone and the shade Quartz was gifted to me. To be honest, on my medium skin tone, the shade Moonstone is pretty much pointless. The concept of these highlighter is that they are composed of two sections; the center of the stick is the clear balm while the outside of the stick is the dewy highlight color. The shade Quartz is a pretty rose golden shade, while Moonstone is almost clear with silver and blue-ish shimmer and so it just looks like ‘dew’ on my skin. Don’t get me wrong, it IS pretty and I like it, I just don’t find myself reaching for it as often as I would like to. However, I have been forcing myself to use it and I have to say, the more I use it, the more I fall in love with it. 

What I like about these is that the shimmer is very very fine, almost undetectable, and so they are perfect for fresh or dewy makeup looks. The highlighter would look stunning on those who like a glossy highlight and don’t want anything too intense and those who have minimal texture around the highlight areas of the face. What I don’t like about these, however, is that the finish is a bit sticky or wet and so if I want it to last, I have to powder over it which defeats the purpose of the product in my opinion. This is the only Glossier product I own that I think is best applied with the fingers, but I also sometimes swipe it on my cheekbones and then tap over it with a damp sponge if I’m lazy.

To sum up, if you like dewy makeup and stick highlighters, I would suggest trying only one of the shades that best matches your skin tone. These are so pretty for the 'dew' look. 

Another favorite of mine is the boy brow. If I am not mistaken, this comes in blonde, brown, black and clear. As I mentioned earlier, Glossier do several sets in which you can get different products for less. Seeing as I purchased the Phase 2 set to get the 2 concealer shades, I wanted to try different shades of the boy brow as it is also included in the set; I now own the brown and clear shades but haven’t started using the clear one yet.

The boy brow has this tiny brush/spoolie which reminds me of Benefit’s Gimme Brow (I haven’t personally tried it to compare). I like the brush as I find that it allows to get very close to the brow hair roots to add volume and it is not too messy whether you have thin or thick brows. My trick with brow mascaras like this one is to first brush against the hair growth to add volume then with the hair growth to create the shape I want. I’m not too picky with my brow gels/mascaras so I haven’t taken notice of the hold power of this one, but in general, I really do enjoy using it. I don't think it is one of the strongest hold brow gels I have used, so I don't think it would suit people with thick brow hairs. I use it on its own or after defining my brows with a gel/pencil and it works well both ways.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Generation G lipsticks. The concept of having sheer buildable lipsticks that don’t look glossy really intrigued me. However, after trying them, I have found that the packaging is majorly flawed.

Let me first talk about the lipsticks, and then I will go into details about what I like and don’t like. The generation G lipsticks come in 6 different shades; I own 5 of these shades, one of which was gifted to me as I mentioned earlier. The range includes a nude shade, a brown shade and 4 berry tones or reds. The lipsticks give a sheer buildable wash of color that is not glossy but also not fully matte. The nude shades are harder to show up on the lips if you have pigmented lips, and I have found that unlike the other shades, they have a weird smell that I don’t like. The other shades, however, perform as promised; they are sheer and the color does build up if applied generously but the coverage is still light. They are comfortable to wear, but if you have dry or peeling lips, they pigment can cling to that. 

The packaging, though, I really hate. It is pretty on the outside, but really is low quality. I have read only one review about this before making my purchases, and regretfully did not pay attention to it as all other reviews were positive. The packaging is flawed in 2 ways:

  1. The lipstick bullet does not adhere well to the tube of the lipstick. After a while of having these, two of the lipsticks fell off the tube and I have to put them back in every time I use the lipsticks.
  2. The tube caps’ packaging starts to crack if the lipsticks are not handled carefully. This also happened to 2 of the shades I own and so I decided to stick washi tape around all the lipstick caps to avoid them cracking or cracking more.
I have contacted Glossier about this and they did offer to issue and exchange or a refund. I did get a refund on the 2 lipsticks that broke at the time, but more broke or cracked after that. It’s a bummer because I really like the lipsticks themselves. If you decided to purchase some of these, I’d say handle them with care, but I honestly would not recommend them until they decide to change the packaging.

I don’t have much to say about the gloss as I haven’t used it as much as the other products. The gloss comes in one clear shade, and is comfortable to wear but can feel a bit sticky on the lips if you press your lips together. The shade of the gloss, though, is amazing! It gives the lips a gorgeous plump look, so if you’re looking for a clear gloss, you might like this. However, in all honesty, I don't think this is one of the must have Glossier products; you can definitely find alternatives for cheaper. 

That is all I have to say about Glossier makeup products at the moment. I really enjoyed testing these products and I would love to try some more, especially skin care. Hopefully, they will start doing international shipping and then I will start seeing more people talking about the brand in the region. 

If you’re interested in trying products from the brand, I hope my review helped you decided what you should start with.

Thank you for reading. 

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