About me

I am a 22 year old beauty blogger from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), based in Abu Dhabi.
I am a full-time Engineering student. Therefore, blogging about makeup is something that I do "on the side" for a change. I started sharing tips and tricks on Instagram mid 2013, and in January 2015 I started this blog to share more in-depth posts. Blogging about beauty and makeup now feels like my other job, but it's one that I really enjoy doing.

My love for beauty and makeup started very early in my life. Before getting into makeup I used to hoard nail polishes and even attempted to blog about them. Now I enjoy testing any kind of beauty or makeup product. Other interests include travel and photography.

I have separated my blog into two parts: Arabic and English. I blog in English not only because its simpler and easier, but I know much more people are fluent in English than in Arabic. However, being a Middle Eastern Arab, I blog in Arabic so that my tips and reviews become accessible by a wider range of audience. 

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1. The blog template is not designed by me. I put the designs together, but I did not design the whole blog from scratch. All rights reserved to the talented artists.

2. I am not a beauty or skin care expert, makeup and beauty is something I love and enjoy doing. Not everything I share here works for everyone. I only share my honest opinions and my experience.

3. Products mentioned here are either purchased with my own money, gifted to me, or sent to me by companies. I appreciate everything I am given or sent to test out. However, all opinions are my own.

معلومات عني 

اسمي علياء، عمري في العشرينات، بلوقر من الامارات العربية المتحدة - ابوظبي. احب اتكلم و اكتب عن الميكب و منتجات التجميل بشكل عام. بديت في عالم التدوين في سنة ٢٠١٣، و في بداية سنة ٢٠١٥ بديت هذا البلوق. 
قسمت الموقع الى قسمين، قسم بالعربي و الثاني بالإنقليزي. احب اكتب باللغتين عشان مواضيعي توصل و تفيد مجموعة اكبر من الناس.


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نقاط لازم اذكرها كـ"disclaimer" 

١. انا مو خبيرة تجميل. النصايح او المنتجات اللي اتكلم عنها ممكن تفيدكم و ممكن لا. انا اكتب رايي و تجربتي و اترك لكم المجال انكم تختارون اللي يناسبكم او ممكن يفيدكم.
٢. بعض المنتجات ممكن انها واصلتني كـ هدية او للتجربة بس احاول كثر ما اقدر ان اكتب لكم رايي و تجربتي بكل مصداقية.